laserschaua is burning your discotheque and fills up your dancefloor.
goliath laser is eating 100.000 volts for breakfast. you can bet when you hear him singing.
schaua is melting electric circuits with laserschaua tunes.

sounds like this

laserschaua live

  • 23.01.2014 earth vienna rhiz

missed concerts

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  • 02.11.2011 earth shelter vienna [video]
  • 22.01.2011 earth local bar
  • 06.05.2010 earth vienna rhiz [pics]
  • 05.12.2009 earth vienna pratersauna [video]
  • 09.05.2009 earth graz lendviertel [fm4]
  • 31.05.2008 earth vienna fluc [blog]
  • 23.03.2008 earth steyr röda (with tnt jackson)