• album "dangerarear"
  • ep "get happy"
  • album "remove protective film[laridae063]" [download] 9 tracks
  • album "the great sadness gong[laridae056]" [download] 9 tracks
  • album "no.17[laridae041]" [download] 13 rock tracks
  • album "the crooner[laridae033]" [download] 10 strange electronic tracks with voice
  • album "the lifeline exercise[laridae027]" [download] 13 various electronic tracks
  • album "please cut here[laridae014]" [download] 12 ambient tracks
  • ep "first takes for dark hours[laridae006]" [download] 6 various electronic tracks
contributions to
  • "our old toys[laridae001]" track 05 not alone
  • "langsame zyklen für schnelle menschen[laridae011]"
  • "spherephorest[laridae010]" track 05 the lights are below
  • "sweepglade[laridae020]" track 06 mb
  • "wencoded[laridae030]" track 06 dualcore
  • "hills'n'threes[laridae040]" track 07 hüügel
  • "the seand[laridae050]" track 05 meersamples
  • "the seand[laridae050]" track 13 Woyhceckfeat (feat. Woycheck)
  • "der tür geht nicht zu ..[laridae070]" track 2 ri ding
www.youtube.com self distance - video by kon.txt
live: solo at temp-festival
live: herbert&schauer
live: minimal techno generator
live: karl gotts söhne
www.okto.tv poplastikka - self distance - video by kon.txt
poplastikka - inabar - video by me
www.gainlad.com ep "my gameboy sounds like this" 6 gameboy tracks
contribution to Chip O'Lantern Halloween Compilation Volume 2 track 04 one line
plagdichnicht contribution to hot gameboy music Track 04 5+5
bubblebeatz contribution to transformed and mutated Track 10 7/8 Turns Your Bubbles
www.illphabetik.com ep "a bit crushed [illep014]" [download] 7 drum'n'bass tracks
  • "a pale woman was playing the organ" [download] 8 tracks of non specific style
contributions to:
www.dotmatrix.at various gameboy-tracks
www.soundcloud/schaua fm4.orf.at/soundpark
various tracks